Bioinformatics Academy

Bioinformatics Academy is a collection of online courses introducing various aspects of biological data analysis. All courses are interactive and teacher coached where each students get personal help to learn and practice the offered skills. We introduce beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses:

  • Introduction to bioinformatics - An introductory course about the most important fields of bioinformatics. It helps to get a general overview of this dynamically developing field, and also gives hints which advanced courses covers your interests.
  • Phylogenetics - This medium level course introduces the theories and the most popular practical approaches about analysing the evolutionary aspects of biological data including sequences.
  • Structural bioinformatics - This medium level course offers you a solid background in structure-related bioinformatics, including the theoretical principles of protein modelling. 
  • Biological data analysis with R - The purpose of this advanced level course is to teach R statistical environment to be applied to biological data analysis.

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