Guest course in Ireland

Apr 22

15-17. April - HiDucator's professor, Dr. Ortutay has given a guest course about transcriptome data analysis with R at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

The six hours of lecture accompined by six hours of practical training was delivered for MSc students in the Cancer Research MSc programme of the University. The students learned about theoretical and practical aspects of the analysis of transcriptomics data, During the practical sessions, they learned the basics of conducting basic data analysis using the R statistical environment. The course continues online using the platform of Bioinformatics Academy, where seven further topics will be covered with the students:

  • Quantitative transcriptomics: qRT-PCR
  • Advanced transcriptomics: gene expression microarrays
  • Next-generation sequencing: introduction and genomic applications
  • Next-generation sequencing in transcriptomics: RNA-seq experiments
  • Annotating gene groups: Ontologies, pathways, enrichment analysis
  • Reconstructing gene regulation networks
  • Network analysis: iGraph

The delivered course is the first collaboration between this esteemed University and HiDucator.

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