HiDucator is actively participate to scientific research projects at various levels. Our senior personnel are university reseacrhers involved in projects ranging from studies focusing on Carbinic Anhydrases to leukemia reseacrh. We routinely analyse sequence, structural, high-throughput data and we use phylogenetics, protein visualization, network analysis for answering research questions.

Dr. Ortutay has a research focus in computational immunology and the computational modellng of immune cell differentiation in disease and health. Additionally, he is often involved in projects elucidating the evolution of different protein families.

Dr. Tolvanen has research interests in glycobiology-related bioinformatics and study of carbonic anhydrases.

If you are interested to do research in collaboration with HiDucator, or you need consultancy especially in the topic of molecular phylogenetics, carbonic anhydrase research, or analysis of high-throughput data, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

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